The Phrase “Religious tourism” for Sikh Gurdwaras is wrong.

There is a trend or perhaps a long term plan that is surfacing these days. This is to categorize our Gurdwaras as “religious tourism” places. This, in our opinion amounts to amalgamating our Gurdwaras and historical places in tourism industry.

Sikh Gurdwaras have a special reverence and respect in Sikh’s minds and hearts.

Calling Gurdwara locations as “Religious tourism” needs to be discouraged.

The translation of the word tourism in the punjabi language is “Sair Sapatta”. Our Gurdwaras are not meant for sight seeing and tourism linked visitations. Gurdwaras are pious locations and can’t be categorized under “Religious tourism”.

As such this needs to be discouraged.

Best Wishes
SaadaVirsa Editorial team

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh