Ranjit Nagara Project


Ranjit Nagara Project is a Sikh heritage preservation project by Charhdi Kala Singhs from California. Ranjit Nagara is a 501 c iii non-profit organization registered in America.

“Ranjit Nagara” engages in Sikh heritage preservation for Gurdwara Sahibans and Sikh heritage buildings. They have a dedicated and highly acclaimed heritage preservation team who are sensitive to preservation of the old design, heritage and architecture. Some of their recent work includes work in preservation of Sikh heritage in Pakistan.

Visit their channel via one of their videos shared below.

Sikh Sangat is encouraged to take interest in Sikh heritage issues and connect with Ranjit Nagara to know more and participate in the cause. Ranjit Nagara, recently  has also started a Sikh Reference Library, another 501 c iii non- profit organization in America.


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