Preserve Sikh Heritage


The Historical buildings of Sikhs are fast disappearing and the Sikhs themselves are responsible for it. When historical buildings are being torn down and new buildings are erected in their place about 80% of the Sikhs feel happy about it. This represents the insensitivity of the Sikhs towards their heritage. If this continues, soon the Sikh community will lose their remaining heritage too, in it’s original form. In order to preserve the Sikh Heritage, we all must make efforts and initiatives.

It is our humble suggestion that Sikhs from all walks of life, from all nations, the wider Sikh diaspora and the Sikh Sangat in general should be consulted when the Gurdwara buildings are to be renovated or repaired. Special effort and sincerity should reflect in the preservation of the old buildings versus making new buildings. Also, we suggest that whenever any renovation or repair of any Gurdwara Sahib building, especially the historic ones, has to be done, it should be made live on social media. Everybody around the world should be able to witness the live Kar Sewa of The Gurdwara building repair or renovation.

Without any accountability, transparency, consultation and  outreach to the entire community, we feel that the Sikh heritage will be lost very soon as the control of Kar Sewa is just with a few people. Sikhs are requested to take interest in Gurdwara repairs, renovations and Kar Sewa. Such a supervision and keeping an eye on preservation of old and historic Sikh heritage can go a long way in preserving Sikh heritage. Thank you.