Misuse of the word “Babaji” in Sikh circles

20 years ago, no one in the Sikh circles addressed one another as “Babaji”.

1) Babaji was/ is a reserved word for 11 Patshahis.

2) Babaji was a word for Panth Accepted Saints like Baba Harnam Singh RamprKherha (Garhdiwaal), Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji Bhindrawale etc etc

3) Babaji was a word for Shaheeds like Baba Deep Singh ji, Baba Banda Singh Bahadar ji, and 4 Sahibzade.

4) In the social world, Babaji or Baba was a word for Nanaji or Dadaji in the family or extended family.

Today, every Sikh has become a “Babaji” in the Sikh circles. Most Sikhs will address one another as “Babaji”……!! This incl Sikh preachers and committee walas….long story short….all petty Sikhs like myself are now Babaji.

Let’s work together and STOP this rampant trend in the Sikh circles.