Baba Atal Rai ji – Sri Amritsar Sahib ji – 2010

These were the photos we took at Baba Atal Rai ji in Sri Amritsar Sahib in 2010. My Father Principal Narindar Singh ji and myself went to Sri Darbar Sahib and visited Baba Atal Rai ji. A lot of renovation was going on at Baba Atal Rai ji. Since there were very old and historic artifacts, paintings there, we took photos. This is for the interest of the Sikh Sangat. As a lot of insensitive demolitions have taken place with SGPC not caring at all, these pics will be very relevant to see how Sikh history is being destroyed.

The NanakShahi brick and various murals are seen in this pdf.

Kulbir Singh